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    New year's food Osechi ryouri

    Enjoy the food twice, first by looking at it, and second by eating it.

    We celebrate New Year with special drink and meal.

    The tool in front side is for special drink "Otoso".(お屠蘇)

    New year meal called "Osechi".(お節) It is in the box back side.

    Jitugetu pair bowls 

    Jitugeti means sun and moon.


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    The lacquerware has very many kinds of items. So we cannot show you the all. Please tell me about you and who you want to give the gift, a budget, preference. I will introduce beautiful lacquer ware which just matched you.

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    My monologue

    Spring is budding. I love cherry blossom viewing with my family and friends.The historical person loved flower viewing, too. Toyotomi Hideyoshi held his extravagant cherry blossom viewing. The parties, where more than 1,300 court ladies and others were invited, the temple has been well-known...
    March 3, 2018 · festival,doll,girls,happy
    March 3rd is called “Doll’s Festival” or “Girl’s Festival” in English. It is usually called “Momo no Sekku,” which means “Peach Festival.” The day is to pray for the health and happiness of girls. The dolls are dressed in beautiful ancient court costumes. I hope all women's happy in the...

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