Gold and Silver chopsticks pair set with chopsticks rests
Luxurious gold and silver chopsticks as a celebratory gift! Handles of the chopsticks are covered with gold and silver by using a special technique. Materials use rare ebony and its characteristic density which prevents food from slipping. Just the gold/black and gold/silver chopsticks are beautiful pieces of decorative art to bring back as a memory of Japan or give as gifts to family and friends.

black×gold 23cm (9.06in)
red ×silver 21cm (8.27in)

chopsticks rest black×silver red×gold

The chopsticks in a paulownia box
and done up in Japanese wrapping paper WASHI《和紙》
Coming soon
Coming soon
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Due to prohibition on harvesting ebony wood to prevent reckless deforestation, ebony may no longer be available in the market, so those who would like ebony chopsticks should purchase them soon! 
The gold and silver wrapping the chopsticks are delicately placed. Scratching hardly may result in losing the beauty of the chopsticks. 
Please refrain from using dishwasher or microwave.
Length: 23cm,  21cm,
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