SAKAZUKI with Sengoku Busho Family crest
The cup which the family coat of Japanese military commander and a daimyo during the Sengoku Period was in.
The kinds sharpens flat form"Sakazuki" and Guinomi-form "Utage".
The family coat of Sengoku Bushou are six kinds.
It can be named into the bottom of "Utage".
I do kanji notation to be similar, and the name become available and does your name.
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Sakazuki red crane
Sakazuki black crane
Sakazuki red 5petals flower
Sakazuki black 5petals flower
Sakazuki red butterfly
Sakazuki black butterfly
Sakazuki red 3diamonds
Sakazuki black 3diamonds
Sakazuki red 3wisteria bunches
Sakazuki black 3wisteria bunches
Sakazuki red Oda Nobunaga crest
Sakazuki black Oda Nobunaga crest
Utage red crane
Utage black crane
Utage red 5petals flower
Utage black 5petals flower
Utage red 3diamond
Utage black 3diamonds
Utage red 3wisteria bunches
Utage black 3wisteria bunches
Utage red butterfly
Utage black butterfly
Utage red Oda Nobunaga crest
Utage black Oda Nobunaga crest
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