• special gift  it's a beautiful Japanese lacquer plate

    Japanese history's color & designs


    Let's have a party



    Talk, laugh, and have a good time with our loved ones.


    It is the happiness of being able to have a delicious feast,
    the happiness of being healthy for the whole family
    and the happiness of confirming each other's irreplaceable existence.


    The nice tableware would be nice to have by your side at such times.


    Beautiful tableware can change the mood, the feeling,

    and even the taste.


    Have a happy time with our tableware!


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    Imagination for a pleasant time

    October 21, 2022 · Bonsai,Kokedama,newcomer,fresh green,plant
    Bonsai is already world famous. It's a Japanese art form that captures the branching of a large...
    March 4, 2019 · party,party table setting,japonisme tableware,table cordinate
    New Year, Saint Valentine's Day, Peach blossom viewing, Cherry blossom viewing, someone's...
    My name is Misako Mimura, and I am a coordinator of Japanese lacquer ware. My family welcomes...
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  • It will lead you to happiness.

    Choose chopsticks that your hands will enjoy.

    Various shapes, forms, and textures

    Chopsticks come in a variety of shapes and forms.

    Some are thick, some are thin, some are square, some are round, some are bumpy and comfortable in the hand, and some are smooth and pleasant to the touch.

    First, choose the chopsticks that please your hand.

    Make an L shape with your thumb and forefinger and measure your fingertips in a straight line.

    Of course, if you prefer longer chopsticks, choose size L.

    We offer two courses: 5 kinds of chopsticks and 10 kinds of chopsticks with different shapes and textures.

    Chopsticks are an extension of your fingers

    Could there be a connection between the thickness of your fingers and the thickness of the chopsticks you're comfortable using?

    There are chopsticks called Rikishi chopsticks. They are purchased as gifts for people of good physique or those with large hands.

    The thicker and longer chopsticks are appreciated by those with large hands.

    Thin chopsticks are also popular. They say, "Once I started using thin chopsticks, I couldn't stop using them. You have to try them to understand what they are like.

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  • about saiga

    coordinator : Misako Mimura


    Enjoy your beautiful life with Japanese lacquerware.

    I will gladly give you advice.

    How to choose, How to care, How to use,

    I will help you what you want to know about Japanese lacquerware.

    Please feel free to make an inquiry below if you have any questions.


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