Love was always the source.

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In Japan there is a festival on 3 March to wish girls good luck.

Dolls are displayed, with male and female dolls in the centre, dressed in the costumes of the male and female members of the royal family. It is said that the beautiful and harmonious appearance of the male and female pairs of Hina dolls symbolises a girl's happy marriage.

People prayed to this doll, dressed in a costume that is more than 1,000 years old style.

They prayed that the doll would protect their children from injury and illness, and that they would have a happy family in the future.

In the past, infant mortality was high, so parents prayed that their children would grow up to be healthy and gentle women.


Do you know The Tale of Genji?

Hina dolls wear the same costumes as in The Tale of Genji.

Noble women of the time rarely went out and spent their entire lives indoors.

Women were caged birds anyway. Unlike men, they were not free to go out much.

They were taught to be "feminine" and docile, which was a prerequisite for being a princess.

The life of such aristocratic women was truly a pleasure of 'love'.

In the Heian period, life expectancy was not as long as it is today.

Women were allowed to marry at the age of 13 and men at 15.

The Heian period was also a time of polygamy.

Being able to support many wives was a status in the society of that time.

However, only one legitimate wife was allowed.

To be chosen as a legitimate wife, factors such as family background and intelligence were more important than beauty.

For example, women from families close to the emperor's family or who held high and powerful official positions were welcomed as legitimate wives and given a certain status.

Other women were known as 'concubines'.

While regular wives were allowed to live in the house, concubines were married in what was known as a common-law marriage, where the man visited the concubine and performed the marriage ceremony.

If a concubine was found to be beautiful, the man would send her a letter.


As the letter was the only means of communication, the literature of this period is often of a very high quality.

Love has always been the source of everything.