No misic, No life

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I think that happiness can be broken down into satisfying the senses.

The beautiful tableware, cutlery, table flowers, and well-polished glasses that decorate and coordinate the table are a visual feast.

A delicious smell and a delectable dish are the completed of the joint efforts of the senses of smell and taste.

And music, through the sense of hearing, transforms the atmosphere of a place.

But, you know, I actually feel music with my whole body.

I think the vibrations of the music affect not only the eardrums of our ears, but also the skin all over our bodies by vibrating it.

So if you want to have a great dining experience, you need to be accompanied by the most beautiful music!

Its wonderful vibrations make you happy from your eardrums to your skin all over your body!

Sometimes music is a handkerchief to wipe away tears. Sometimes it is a powerful encouragement, and at other times it is a gentle cradle.

Music at meals is air purified.

It masks all that grating noise.

I recommend an artist 《 Midsummer Carnation》

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