The Little World of Moss Balls

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Bonsai is already world famous.

It's a Japanese art form that captures the branching of a large tree intact in a small flowerpot.

It is as if by magic a large tree becomes smaller.

It was quaint and beautiful, but difficult to care for, I was told.

So I've never kept a bonsai before.


However, I saw something cute the other day.

It was a lush houseplant growing out of a fluffy ball-shaped.


The store owner said

 “ Taking care of it is easy. All you need is water and sunlight.”

 “ Are you sure ? I've had cacti die before. ”

I made sure again and again, but the owner just nodded.

So I took it home and lived with it.

It was placed on a crude black plastic saucer.

It's just too sad as it is.

Let's make it into a nice receptacle like Cinderella put on the glass high heel by magic.

broken image

YES! Sooo sweet♡



Then a few days later, I learned that this fluffy ball's name was Kokedama.

Now the moss is even more fresh and green thanks to the mild autumn sun.


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